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Hi! I’m Amin.

I am a multidisciplinary product designer who have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in User Experience Design.

Currently I work as a senior user experience designer at Meta's Creative Shop Labs. I'm focused on design strategy, interactive and XR experiences.

Please let me know if you have any question or take a look at my resume for more information.



Harman: I was one of the co-founders of Future Experience Department at Harman. I worked directly with VP of design and senior director of UX design at Harman to establish the department. We pitched ideas to executives and clients and produced products that generated various income channels.

Meta: In addition to working on cutting edge experiences on various Meta's platforms ranging from IG to Horizon Worlds, I crafted an efficient design sprint process tailored to Creative Shop Labs needs. We had tested the process within XD team with 10 people before we launched it to Creative shop labs with 32 people. The process was so impactful that currently 60 people within Creative shop, including XFNs, are using it.
Oh, and I won 3 Hackathons during my time at Meta!

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